Maximillian Jay Phoenix


The more followers, I lose the less, I feel worried about people seeing, me as a weird 23yr old dude who’s obsessed with video games and comics. 

My dream is that more people unfollow me .___.


black & white 

I knew this girl who had a dream
She planted the seed and watered it daily
Till the streams of water became a stem
And that stem bloomed into a flower
This flower was so bright, beautiful and delicate
She was scared and cared too much to let it die
She covered it and pulled it from the roots and took it inside
She potted it and set it on the table by the windowsill
So it could grow and become stronger still
Of sunlight and water it would take its fill
Absorbing nutrients becoming ever more mature
People would come into her house and gather
All to glance and gander at this beautiful flower
My oh my the radiance of power
That this pretty young blooming blossom contained
Never sad like a weeping willow or to wise like a lotus
Just the right amount of appealing colors
A vision as vivid as newborn lovers
But one dark day from the horizon came a plague
That ate away at the field out yonder
And when all was eaten, and their bellies we not full
The locust turned to the house on the hill where the sun had blessed the girl with a flower
Like a golden ray from a mythical storybook tower
The floral scents carried on like fresh dew in rain
The swarm came down and devoured the house
Leaving nothing except for the couch
And alas the story of Gardenia lives on
Eventually all great things will eventually be gone

Everybody is so fucking mean to me today I’m so sick of it I’m done

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